Bumps To Babies | Workshop Series: Mindful Pregnancy
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Workshop Series: Mindful Pregnancy

When we become mothers, we are quickly altered into a new role.  Yes, we have prepared for this moment for nearly 10 months, but nothing is quite as Earthshattering as that moment you realize you’re in charge of this new little being laying in your arms.  Becoming a mother is truly a gift and an amazing journey of discovery and love beyond yourself.  But I am constantly reminding my clients that you still need to take a hard look in the mirror and remember who you are as an individual.  We too often push aside the women we once were to morph into this new role of mother.


Always Remember Who You Are

I use the word are instead of were because I want you to know you are still that person inside. You are forever altered into a mother, constantly thinking of this new little human in your life, but the woman you once identified as is still in that body.  Finding her again can be a challenge, one where some women take years to see reappear.  Some even admit they never saw even a glimpse of that version of themselves ever again. I’m here to tell you that motherhood is a huge change, but you still need to find time to light that fire within. Find time for you.  Be mindful that you are still human and require love and attention.  This little baby may require most of your attentiveness but by neglecting your own needs only strips away at your core.  Before giving birth to your newest bundle of joy, take a moment and truly reflect on who you are today.  Write down the things that bring joy to your life and try to form a habit of doing those things that put a smile on your face.  By building this habit, we begin to establish a pattern that we will continue after we give birth to our babies.  Continue to work on you, because without that love for yourself, you cannot truly be yourself around others.

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If you’d like a more in-depth experience through all these layers we’ve discussed, join us this Saturday, March 16th, from 10am to 2pm in Newport Coast.  We will have guest speakers discussing Pelvic Floor Strengthening, Labor and Delivery Education, Postpartum Education and a Prenatal Yoga and Meditation Flow.  Lunch will be served and a new community of expectant mothers will join to share in this new journey together.  Click the link to purchase your tickets today!



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  • Chelsea Boyle
    Posted at 23:53h, 04 August Reply

    Such a good point. I don’t often think of myself as still being the same person as I was before but it takes work. I think we change in significant ways when we become responsible for a child but the point is that our need to be an individual still exists.

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