Bumps To Babies | Workshop Series: Education and Pregnancy
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Workshop Series: Education and Pregnancy

I know some of you have asked what topics we’ll be covering at the Mindful Pregnancy Workshop, so I have created a workshop series of 6 separate posts in the Bump Blog. Every few days I’ll be highlighting a new subject that will be covered more extensively at the workshop. One of the main focuses during pregnancy is education. As a registered nurse and certified doula, education has played a huge role when counseling pregnant women. When I meet expectant moms, I’m compelled to provide knowledge that proves to educate, guide and empower them throughout their road into motherhood. By preparing mothers about the realities of pregnancy and birth, women feel encouraged to communicate their feelings and desires to all those assisting with their birth process.

The Top 3 Things I Found Useful while Pregnant

• When entering a hospital, you do not need to automatically be confined to a bed. Walking, intermittent baby monitoring, and sitting in other areas around the room are options you can discuss with your practitioner. With the approval of your doctor/midwife, you can have more freedom than you may have known was possible.
• Become familiar with the pain medication options available at the facility you are delivering at. Many women are aware of epidurals, but hospitals also have IV medications they can take the edge off during labor. In addition, knowing when in the laboring process your doctor is comfortable allowing you to receive an epidural is important prior to your labor starting.
• Getting meals prepped and frozen prior to baby’s arrival will help you ease into the role of mom. After you and baby return home, having those meals made will truly come in handy on those days you lack the energy to cook a healthy meal for you and your loved one(s).

Join me next week for the next workshop series, focusing on why you need to build a community with moms around you.

If you’d like a more in-depth experience through all the layers we’ll be discussing, join us on March 16th, from 10am to 2pm in Newport Coast. We will have guest speakers discussing Pelvic Floor Strengthening, Labor and Delivery Education, Postpartum Education and a Prenatal Yoga and Meditation Flow. Lunch will be served and a new community of expectant mothers will join to share in this new journey together. Click the link to get your tickets today!


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  • Chelsea Boyle
    Posted at 23:55h, 04 August Reply

    Great tips on the different pain meds. There’s definitely more to know than what the hospital classes typically tell you.

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