Bumps To Babies | Workshop Series: Building a Mommy Community
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Workshop Series: Building a Mommy Community

When I became a mother, I realized how important and valuable having a mom village truly was to this new life of parenthood.  Leaning on women that are going through similar life events is a great way to build a lasting foundation with those around you.  I feel the sooner you can find your mom friends that you can lean on, the sooner you will start to pave the way to a solid foundation as a mom in your community.

5 Reasons Why Building your Village is Important, NOT only for Baby but also for YOU!

  1. Stronger Together: having like-minded individuals that may be around the same timeframe you are postpartum can really help guide you through your highs and lows. Motherhood comes with a rollercoaster of emotions and having a non-judgmental arena where you can express your feelings.
  2. Support is Key: I still remember all the times I simply felt overwhelmed and wanted to get out of the house with another mom and walk around the mall. We would chat about all the new mom things we were experiencing.  This included any hardships we were facing as we took on this role of mother.  I would leave our gatherings feeling like I wasn’t alone and that at least one other woman out there felt what I was feeling.
  3. A Lifetime Bond: To this day, I can message my friends and simply tell them how my day has gone and 100% of the time I get a message of compassion back from them. They understand where I’m coming from because they, too, are going through the same milestones with their own children.  Many people forget that each milestone a child goes through, the mother goes through it as well.  So in instances where I may feel like no one truly understands what I’m facing with my children, I know those women that started this journey with me are dealing with the same changes within their own family unit.
  4. Through Thick and Thin: There are times during our lives where emergencies come up, where family cannot be there to help you with your kids. I know from experience, I have had to call out to my village and ask for support. They were there, in an instance, to provide that helping hand.  Little instruction was needed and they simply took charge of the situation when I was unable to do so myself.  I’m forever grateful for friends like these, who are there to lend a hand, even when it puts more on their plate as a result.
  5. My Cheerleaders: There are moments during motherhood where I felt a phase would never end. My community of moms are always there to remind me that the phase will pass and things will smooth out with time.  Due to their ability to bring me back to reality, it has helped me with my outlook on particular milestones that have proven to be an uphill battle with my little ones through the years.  I’m always so grateful for their support, especially at times like these when it feels like an uphill battle to get my kids over those phases.

Join me next time for another installment for the workshop series, discussing the importance of pelvic floor strength.  If you would like to take a look back at our previous post, click the link below:


If you’d like a more in-depth experience through all these layers we’ve discuss and more, join us on March 16th, from 10am to 2pm in Newport Coast.  We will have guest speakers discussing Pelvic Floor Strengthening, Labor and Delivery Education, Postpartum Education and a Prenatal Yoga and Meditation Flow.  Lunch will be served and a new community of expectant mothers will join to share in this new journey together.  Click the link to get your tickets today!


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  • Chelsea Boyle
    Posted at 23:56h, 04 August Reply

    You are my community!

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