Bumps To Babies | Workshop Series: Breath Work-Taking Hold of the Breath during Labor
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Workshop Series: Breath Work-Taking Hold of the Breath during Labor

The breath is a useful tool, not only when pregnant, but throughout all stages of life.  The breath is a means of lowering the heart rate, decreasing anxiety and finding relaxation in the muscles of the body.

How Your Breath Plays a Role During Labor

Many of us forget that the breath should not take over you; you take over the breath. The same is true when in labor.  The proper knowledge of the breath and how to control it is important when breathing through those contractions.  Having mindful control over the breath will allow you to take a step back and take action on what is happening to your body.  Taking nice, controlled inhales through the nose and exhaling through the nose will assist in calming the body and the mind when contractions begin to increase in intensity and frequency.  Practicing proper breath work prior to going into labor is highly recommended and useful in order to move forward to a calmer, more fulfilling labor process.


Come back next time, while I discuss the final installment of the workshop series, pertaining to achieving a Mindfulness Pregnancy.  If you would like to take a look back at our previous posts, click the links below:


If you’d like a more in-depth experience through all these layers we’ve discussed, join us on March 16th, from 10am to 2pm in Newport Coast.  We will have guest speakers discussing Pelvic Floor Strengthening, Labor and Delivery Education, Postpartum Education and a Prenatal Yoga and Meditation Flow.  Lunch will be served and a new community of expectant mothers will join to share in this new journey together.  Click the link to purchase your tickets today!


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