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A Better Version of Myself

By: Stefanie Castro, RN, BSN

On the drive home from my latest delivery, I couldn’t help but reflect on my business and all the directions it has taken me in its near 3 years of existence. That morning I saw another infant take their first breath, while later that night I stood in front of a group of young mothers to provide a parenting education course. What started as a simple concept for my business has transformed in a myriad of ways, giving me the realization that I’m constantly evolving as a businesswoman and individual.

When I first became a nurse, I never imagined I’d one day work outside of the hospital, let alone start my own business. Nursing was my calling, from very early on in my adult life. The journey to earning such an education was long and difficult, yet no obstacle stood in my way. And when I left my position at the hospital to be at home with my children, building a company couldn’t have been further from my mind. I was planning on staying home to raise my children, not really thinking of going back to work in the near future.  But as a nurse, many family members and close friends called on me to answer medical questions. As time passed, more and more individuals outside my inner circle started calling on me for advice and guidance. From these experiences, it dawned on me that my calling is more than just nursing; it is educating and supporting people through parenthood.

At the start of my business, the sole purpose was to be a birth coach, educate families, and sleep train infants. I attended many local meetings to get my business platform out into the open and show what I was building for the community. It was there that I started to meet people who later opened doors for me I never imagined I’d walk through. In one of my first partnerships, I was recruited to blog for a genetics company. Following this, a nonprofit organization brought me in to educate vulnerable teen parents about Postpartum Depression. With these opportunities, I saw how my business could provide so much more than I intended to families in the community.

Once I had children, I naively thought my days of professional education and development were behind me. Yes, it seems silly now, but I never thought I’d have the time to expand my career and life into new areas. But, in a wonderful surprise, my business has provided me an incredible platform to grow, beyond what I thought possible. I am amazed when I stop to think about the direction these opportunities have taken me. Along with blogging for my company and others, I’ve had the pleasure of educating mothers, coaching them through labor, becoming a certified birth and postpartum Doula, certifying others in CPR and first aid, and now preparing to be a yoga instructor. By adding a prenatal yoga certification to my skillset, I feel I’ll open an entirely new experience, not only for my clients, but for me as well.  I will get to connect to the parenting community on a new level, providing more possibilities for my company to grow even further. And still there’s so much more I can and want to achieve.

Motherhood is demanding and ever evolving in itself, but I’ve been blessed to be able to continue to educate myself beyond my role as a parent. I’ve realized that I can grow beyond parenthood and strive for more as an individual. I’ve embraced that it is the biggest gift I can give myself, as I get older. I’m learning that the more open I am to moving forward as a businesswoman, the more opportunities I am given for my company to thrive. I am forever grateful for the professional and personal growth this company has brought me and the new journeys ahead.


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